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How to create a log file for the WiBu Support

Last change: Nov 27, 2016

To produce the CmDust logs , follow these steps:

  1. Plug in your CmStick. If you use a CodeMeterAct or CodeMeterWAN (CmWAN) license, you can skip this step.
  2. Try to start your KELLER software.
  3. Start CmDust with "Start-> Programs-> CodeMeter > Tools- > CmDust". (If you do not have installed this, you can download the program from CmDust.exe. Then select "Save File" and place the file in a convenient location, such as on the desktop. Then restart the program from there simply by double-clicking CmDustConsole.exe
  4. This will open a console window, which disappears after a short time.
  5. In your personal directory, which will automatically open in the explorer, you will now find a file "CmDust - Result.log ". This file can be viewed with a normal text editor (eg Notepad), so you can see that no personal data is transmitted .
  6. Please send this file as an attachment to an e-mail to
  7. In case of a problem relating to a multi-user network license please send CmDust files from both, server and client.

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