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Which is the current version?

Last change: Dec 8, 2020

Currently these are the valid version numbers for SYMplus plusCARE™ (2020.09.22) :

Turning: R355.59 D
Milling: R354.59 D

Release notes about new features and improvements you can find here.

These were the last maintained versions of SYMplus 6.0 and CAMplus 6.0 (2016.02.01) :

Turning: V6.0 R353.36 D
Milling: V6.0 R352.36 D

(Software maintenance for CNCplus V6.0 ended with R353.17 and R352.17 respectively, followed by a free-of-charge changeover to CAMplus.)

How do I find out which version is running on my computer?

Operating mode F8 Setup > F4 System configuration > F1 Presettings
The current version number is shown in the header of the dialog.

How can I update my system?

If the number of your version differs only after the decimal point (e.g. R354.40) then you can use the update manager (file <updatemanager.exe in the system folder of the software) to bring your KELLER system up to date (admin rights required!).

A V6.0 you can update to R352.36 or R353.36. Beyond you'll have to changeover to SYMplus plusCARE™. This refers to CNCplus and CAMplus, too, as we united all three brands under the product name SYMplus plusCARE™.

In case you use an old version please ask for an individual update offer.
Telephone: ++49 202 4040-0 or eMail:
Please don't forget to name and full address and, if available, the delivery note number of our last software delivery to your company/institute/school. Of course you may also contact your local dealer first (see KELLER Partners).

Note that KELLER can't offer support for old software releases any more. The active support for V6.0 ended 12/2016.

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