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TeamViewer / Remote maintenance session

Last change: Feb 18, 2021

Remote maintenance

To be able to assist you in the event of problems with our SYMplus™ software we install TeamViewer together with our software. Please contact and don't forget to specify your contact data (incl. company/school name and city) and - if available - the delivery note number of the software concerned. Please understand that we cannot offer remote support for outdated software versions and without a clear assignment to a certain delivery.

If your problem relates to SYMplus™ software content please make sure to use the lastest release (see Which is the current version?). If necessary run KELLER update manager first. Start TeamViewer at the appointed time and transmit your TeamViewer-ID and Password to our support.
You'll find the exe file to run TeamViewer in a subfolder of c:\program files (x86)\KELLER usually.

This is how you can start the TeamViewer directly (example: Windows 10): 1. Click the magnifying glass icon in the bottom left corner of the taskbar. 2. Copy one of the following lines (the first for turning, the second for milling) into the search field and then press the Enter key:

Note that if you've installed a non-English version the last letter in kellerplusde or kellerplusfe is different:
Change it to z for Chinese, f for French, n for Netherlands, es for Spanish, pt for Portuguese, r for Russian, h for Hungarian.

Software presentation

If you've got problems relating to software installation or if you've made an appointment for a Software presentation you can install TeamViewer separatly from our Software of course. Please use this link:

Currently (February 2021) we use TeamViewer 15. If you already use an older version of TeamViewer on your computer please make sure to update or re-install.

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