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How to copy Tool database and Magazine/Turret

Last change: Jan 2, 2017

The tool database is made up of these three files:

Wkzdb, wkzdb.ldb, material.dat

You will find all files in the main directory of the user data. See also Where do I find the user data?

Copy these files from the old installation into the new one and overwrite the data, which are standard at the time of delivery. The tool data is "upwards compatible" so that you can easily transfer the tool database of a V4.x or V5.x into V6.0 or SYMplus plusCARE ™.

You also need the magazine or turret files, which refer to the tool database. These have the suffix * .rv1 and are usually stored in a subfolder of the user data.


Caution: It is not enough to copy only the turret or magazine files, since they only refer to the actual tool data in the database.

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