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Parameter programming: Handling of the Editor

Last change: Jul 30, 2017

Within the dialog boxes for entering the NC blocks and cycles, you can change between value input and parameter input, simply by pressing the key "P" for PAL, "R" for SIEMENS, etc."*

Note that in the simulator, no computation operation is possible directly in the NC block or cycle, like for example ...

G0 X=(P20+P10)/2 ... doesn't work

You must therefore write each calculation operation separately:

G0 X=P30

For the parameter assignment (here P30 = (P20 + P10) / 2), the simulator has its own dialog, which can be called up via the selection list.

However, a negative sign is possible directly in the NC block, like

G0 X=-P20

Just type the "P" first and then "-".

FANUC 0i, 18i, GSK und HAAS: #
HEIDENHAIN TNC 430 und iTNC530 Dialog: Q

If you are performing a new installation (without backup of previous user data), an example is included with each control from release 47 onwards. As for milling, this is an ellipse, for turning it is an example for the production of a family of parts (variable number and width of recesses).

You can also download these examples separately and unpack them into the corresponding directory of your user data if you have installed the release as an update and kept your existing data: DATASF (Milling) DATASD (Turning)

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