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Parameter programming: Max. number of loops

Last change: Jul 29, 2017

When programming loops (by conditional program jumps with G29 to PAL or with IF, WHILE, etc.), it can easily happen that an endless loop is generated due to programming errors. This is in particular the casefor the controls where the jump destination is a line number that changes in the course of programming (as with PAL).

To prevent the program from "freezing" in such cases, the calculation will abort after a maximum of 1000 program jumps. Thus, if a comparison in e.g. a G29 block leads to a return jump for the 1001st time, this message is output:

The maximum no. of program cross ref. has been reached. Reduce the no. of program cross ref. or check that no endless loops have been programmed.

The number of program jumps can be reduced, e.g. by increasing the step size. An ellipse can be approached in the simulation by 720 steps à 0.5 °, but not by steps smaller than 0.36 °.

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