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Counter spindle takeover acc. to PAL

Last change: Jun 3, 2020

A counter spindle cannot be simulated in SYMplus™, which is why programming with G30 Q3 and plane selection with G18 GSU is not supported.

But if you reclamp with G30 G1 "by hand" and - with regard to the level selection - use a simple "G18" or "G18 HS", the machining on the back can be programmed almost exactly as intended by PAL. The only difference: You use the same (usually) "left" tools as for the first page, and these are then programmed as on the first page with M4 (instead of M3 as with the counter spindle).

Example from a PAL exam:

N79 G30 Q3 DE-20 H0 E50 DM161 U1 M63
N81 G59 ZA100
N82 G96 G95 T11 S200 F0.3 E0.1 M3

Implementation for the simulation in SYMplus™:

N79 G30 Q1 ; Q3 DE-20 H0 E50 DM161 U1 M63
N80 G18 HS ; DRA GSU
N81 G59 ZA14 ; *
N82 G96 G95 T11 S200 F0.3 E0.1 M4

* In the example, the clamping depth on the first side was 35mm and 20mm on the second side, 1mm face allowance each.

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