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Log file for update problems

Last change: Feb 26, 2021

If the update manager reports an error, we usually need a log file to help you solve the problem. Please send this log file as an attachment by email to for analysis.

There are two possible log files, which log file is created for you, depends on when the error occurs:

  • The update manager reports an error while checking for updates or installing updates

In this case, the Update Manager creates sub-folders in the software's system directory with a combination of the current date and time (e.g. 20171130-150305.638). In each of these subdirectories there is a file with the name update.log.

  • The update manager reports an error beforehand

If you have already installed update revision 48 or higher (update manager with a revision number greater than or equal to 1.2r39), a temporary log file is created when the update manager is started. This log file can be found in the software's system directory under the name update.log.

Note: The update manager may delete the log files when it is closed. So leave the error message on the screen until you have found the file and sent it.

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